Eco-Friendly Beauty: Green DIY Hacks for a Healthier Glow

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We all want to look good, but with the world’s oceans being filled with plastic micro particles from beauty products and increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s hard to ignore the importance of eco-friendly beauty regimens. Do your part for the environment and your skin by incorporating some of these green DIY hacks for a healthier glow!

1. Go Green and Glow: Eco-Friendly Beauty Hacks

With beauty and skincare industry products being more and more sustainable nowadays, getting green and glowing is easy to achieve. Here are some simple eco-friendly beauty hacks to help you stay trending and sustainable at the same time.

Infuse Daily Beauty Routine with Essential Oils

Essential oils can be infused in your daily beauty routine to bring aromatherapy, relaxation, and wellness, while providing a more sustainable and natural approach. There are a variety of essential oils to choose from for your different needs. For example, lavender can sooth stress, patchouli can help with emotional balance and chamomile can banish fatigue. Use these luxurious oils in your bathing and facial routines to get glowing skin.

Go Minimal with Makeup and Go Natural with Sunless Tanning

  • Minimize makeup usage and use those with natural and ethically sourced ingredients like organic oils, plant dyes, etc.
  • Opt for sunless tanning methods like certified organic self-tanners and body oils to get bronzed without UV exposure.

Bring Natural Ingredients into Hair Care Regimes

  • Swap synthetic ingredients for those with natural-origin, like cocoa butter or avocado oil.
  • Use raw food ingredients like foods with cysteine and silicon for stronger hair.
  • Opt for lower water shampoos with coconut- and keratin-based ingredients.
  • Enjoy the hair care connoisseur experience with hair masks using natural ingredients like honey or banana, depending on your hair needs, for instance hydrating, deep conditioning, etc.

These eco-friendly beauty hacks are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also beneficial for your body and skin. Try these hacks and see the difference in your beauty regime!

2. Natural Solutions for a Healthier Lifestyle

Making healthier life choices is easier said than done. Especially when your day is filled with work stress and other commitments, it can be tougher to stay on track with your health goals. Here are some natural solutions to using as part of your journey to healthier living.

  • Eat Nutrient-rich Foods: Eating a balanced diet full of whole foods – fresh fruits and vegetables and quality proteins – is the foundation of health. Eating healthy should be your starting point. Cut out snacks and junk food. Eating well helps to improve your mood and energy levels.
  • Herbal Supplements: Herbal supplements like ginkgo biloba and green tea, are helpful for overall wellbeing. Studies have shown that they may help improve cognitive skills and provide antioxidant benefits. Look for certified organic and credible brands when selecting your supplements.

It’s also important to get good quality sleep. That’s why taking time to wind down in the evenings is essential. Whether it’s a hot cup of herbal tea or a relaxing yoga session, be sure to create some time to relax and rest.

Though it may not be easy, making small changes to your lifestyle can bring about great long-term rewards. Making natural solutions a part of your healthy lifestyle will not only make you feel better, but also provide an improved sense of wellbeing.

3. Find Your Eco-Chic: DIY Green Makeup and Beauty Tips

Going green has never looked so good! DIY green makeup and beauty tips are a great way to stay eco-friendly and look fabulous at the same time. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Use Toners and Cleansers Made from Natural Ingredients: Instead of splurging on expensive toners and cleansers, use ingredients such as rosewater or coconut oil to cleanse your skin and balance its pH level. Coconut oil is also a great moisturizer and can be used as an eye cream as well. Bonus: these ingredients are relatively inexpensive.
  • Make Your Own Makeup Remover: Who doesn’t love a makeup remover that *actually* removes every bit of makeup? Make yours at home by combining oil and honey. Mix 1 part oil (olive, coconut, or jojoba) to 1 part honey, and voila! You have the perfect makeup remover.
  • Replace Your Synthetic Brushes: Natural-bristle brushes are best for your skin and most of them will last for years. Synthetic brushes, on the other hand, will trap bacteria and cause breakouts. To take it a step further, switch to bamboo brushes! They are a sustainable, eco-friendly option.
  • DIY Clay Masks: Clay masks are great for purifying and cleaning skin, and they are really easy to make. All you need is some bentonite or kaolin clay, a few drops of jojoba oil, and honey. Mix it well and apply on your skin for a natural spa experience!

These tips are just the beginning. With just a little research, you can find some amazing DIY green makeup and beauty remedies that will make your skin look and feel amazing. That’s what eco-chic is all about.

4. Harness the Power of Nature: Organic Benefits for Your Skin

Organic beauty products are quickly gaining popularity in the skincare industry, and for good reason.

  • Organic ingredients provide natural nourishment like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to your skin, without the dangerous chemicals you’d normally find in commercial products.
  • Lower risk of skin allergies, since organic products don’t contain the harsh artificial fragrances, colors, and preservatives which can lead to irritation.
  • Draw out your skin’s natural beauty, by properly hydrating it with the right balance of natural acids, glycolic and lactic.
  • Beneficial for the environment, making an effort to seek out organic skincare products helps support smaller farms producing organic materials and keeps hazardous substances from entering the environment.

Organic products also tend to have fewer ingredients, making them easier to understand and use. Many of the ingredients in organic skincare products are known to have a range of positive healing abilities and positive impacts on your skin. Plant-based oils such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and virgin coconut oil are all highly recommended by experts in the field, providing deep hydration and protection for your skin. Other organic ingredients such as honey, tea tree oil, aloe vera, blackcurrant seed oil, and evening primrose oil have wide-ranging benefits for your skin, and many of them have been used medicinally for centuries.

Organic skincare offers you solutions that are safe and natural, and they have the added bonus of working in harmony with your body’s natural chemistry to deliver amazing results over time. Although the products may be more expensive than commercial ones, you can be sure that you’re getting true value for your money. Organic beauty products are made with true love and care for your skin, and your wallet.

For any beauty lover looking to get a healthier glow and lessen their environmental impact, these eco-friendly beauty hacks are the way to go. Create yourself a green DIY beauty routine and you’ll be glowing both inside and out!


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